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Campbells Prime Meat Site Visit

Saltire's sales girls and head chef visit Campbells base in Linlithgow

As a family owned Scottish catering and hospitality company, we are extremely passionate about working with local Scottish suppliers. Knowing where our food is sourced and having assurance on it’s quality is something that lies very close to our hearts. We know that this is also a subject of increasing importance between yourselves, your colleagues and the guests at your events or celebrations. With that in mind, we have been very keen to visit our meat and fish supplier, Campbells Prime Meats, at their base in Linlithgow. As we are the girls who organise your events, dinners, conferences or weddings, we were very eager to see where our produce comes from and learn more about its journey from the farm to your plate!

We met our rep in the morning who kindly introduced us to every department – it’s a big operation. We then enjoyed some breakfast together before getting suited and booted for our tour of the premises which lasted for over two hours!

One of the first, and most enjoyable parts of the tour for us, was getting to see how haggis is made! We all love haggis and it was very interesting to see it’s cooking process from start to finish – it smelled amazing but was not a sight for the faint hearted! Did you know that Campbells produce twenty tonnes of haggis a week!?

There were different rooms and stations for the meat coming in, being prepared, dried, butchered, packaged and shipped. We learnt about the different cuts from each animal and what they are used for as well as the tagging system they use to monitor traceability across the UK – allowing us to know exactly which farm our meat comes from.

Watching the butchers and fishmongers in action was mesmerising – they are so talented and make it look effortless! On this particular day, the machine which removes the bones from the fish had broken and this poor lady was having to pick these out by hand! This has opened our eyes to the hard work that goes into the production process and has made us appreciate the great quality produce even more.

Campbells started their fish division in 2000 with a view of supplying premium quality fresh fish. They receive fresh, hand picked fish daily at the quayside from boats fishing in the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, assuring customers of the freshest, Scottish landed fish. We were firstly surprised by the variety of fish that Campbells offer and learnt about some fish we had never even heard of before. We were also lucky to be visiting at the same time as the gentleman who had designed their recently installed lobster tanks. This mechanism filters in sea water which allows the lobster to remain alive and healthy right up the final stage – meaning the freshest produce and taste!

Thanks again for having us Campbells, we had a great morning!

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