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The Story of Saltire Hospitality


Having worked in the hospitality industry since the 1990s, David has a deep understanding of the catering sector. With his love for traditional Scottish Hospitality, knowledge and expertise leading him to establish Saltire Hospitality on July 4th 2000 with the hope to be more than a catering company but instead to be the whole hospitality experience.


David's dedication and strong professional relationships have resulted in gaining many in-demand contracts. With several major events approaching, he recognized the need to expand his team. Despite having a small sales and finance department, and an adept group of chefs, the business secured significant partnerships like The Royal Highland Show and The Scottish Game fair.


With his enthusiastic team by his side, David expanded the company by establishing Saltire Patisserie, a bakery that specializes in freshly baked bread and desserts for events. After discovering a suitable location at a nearby site, the patisserie was all set to move into its new home.


Throughout the pandemic, hospitality took a large hit however, we refused to rely solely on furlough. Instead, we took a proactive approach to maintain our business and large family of staff.


Our sister company, Saltire Patisserie, had just moved to a new 7000 square foot facility during the shutdown, and opened in the summer, providing bakery and patisserie goods up until Christmas Eve.


We also improved our online presence to offer fresh bakery and patisserie products, as well as volunteering our resources and staff to help the Bridgend Farm House Charity delivering thousands of meals for the vulnerable in our society.

Our cafés remained operational throughout the pandemic, and we diversified our offerings to ensure they remained sustainable. We even managed to open a brand new 200-seater café with a full kitchen and restaurant fit-out.


Our event team also provided meal packs for self-isolating students at Edinburgh University, and we continued to offer this service. In December, we launched a 'Finish and Feast' service for corporate clients, allowing their staff to enjoy a VIP 3-course meal from the safety of their home or office.

As the year drew to a close, we gave back to our local community by offering a Christmas meal selection produced for collection at our Central Production Unit in Loanhead. The initiative was well-received, and in the midst of all these activities, we managed to organize socially distant corporate events, including a wedding at one of our cafes.


Our café at Rosslyn also received the award for the best eatery in a visitor attraction at the East and Midlothian Food and Drink Awards.

During this time our Managing Director David Peters wrote extensively about the effect on the hospitality industry in his Linkedin Blog post 'Our Survival Story' a section of it wrote


"We are a service industry but the name ‘service’ doesn’t give merit to the passion we have in our industry, now more than ever do people need a safe environment to enjoy social communications with good food and service and perhaps a wee refreshment too"


Having maintained regular contact with our valued customers and trusted suppliers throughout the pandemic, we not only weathered the storm but also had the opportunity to resurrect some old contracts. Although there was a cloud of uncertainty over the hospitality industry we were even able to obtain some new contracts

Our steadfast commitment to health and safety standards became a cornerstone of our rebuilding efforts. We overhauled our protocols to ensure the well-being of both our customers and our dedicated staff. Regular testing and rigorous compliance measures were implemented, instilling confidence in all those who engaged with us.

As the situation gradually improved, we embarked on a cautious yet determined path to restore our business operations. This resurgence allowed us to bring in additional staff, contributing to the restoration of jobs in the community. With newfound optimism and our unwavering commitment to excellence, we began the journey to return to normal operations.

Through these collective efforts, Saltire Hospitality emerged from the challenges of the pandemic stronger and more resilient than ever before. We are proud to continue serving our community and eagerly anticipate a brighter future ahead.


Today, we stand stronger than ever, uplifted by a more empowered team and a Saltire family that continues to expand. Our unwavering commitment to resilience and excellence has brought us to this remarkable point in our journey.

Our team, galvanized by the challenges of the past, has emerged even more united and determined. The trials we faced have not weakened us but instead served as a crucible, molding us into a more formidable and tightly-knit unit. Each member of the Saltire family contributes their unique strengths and talents, making us a force to be reckoned with in the hospitality industry.

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape, our family expands. We enthusiastically welcome new members who share our values and vision, each one adding to the tapestry of diversity and expertise that defines Saltire Hospitality. Together, we embark on new adventures and tackle fresh opportunities, knowing that our collective strength is our most valuable asset.

The journey of Saltire Hospitality is far from over; it's a tale of progress and resilience, marked by the unwavering spirit of our team and the ever-expanding embrace of our Saltire family. With great enthusiasm, we look ahead to the future, ready to take on whatever challenges and triumphs it may bring.

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A big thank you to all who have
been a part of our journey!

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