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The Assembly Rooms

Assembly Rooms is one of Edinburgh city centre’s largest and most impressive spaces. As a multi-purpose venue, it hosts a wide range of events from business conferences and exhibitions to concerts and festivals.


Over the years, it has welcomed renowned artists, speakers, and performers, providing a platform for cultural showcases and entertainment. The historic venue's legacy continues to thrive as it adapts to modern times, offering a space that celebrates Edinburgh's heritage while embracing contemporary creativity.

The Georgian building is elegantly designed with crystal chandeliers, gleaming gold leaf and impressive gilt mirrors reflecting the history and tradition of the building. In addition, the latest customisable technology has been incorporated seamlessly within the event spaces including sound systems, lighting, and staging.

The Assembly Rooms are available for public, private, corporate, or civic events and performances of every nature. Managed by a specialist team who will ensure every occasion is a success, Assembly Rooms aims to provide every visitor with an experience they’ll never forget.

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