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Sustainable Saltire

Examining Crops

Fresh Tastes Best

At Saltire Hospitality, we take immense pride in all of our menus being crafted exclusively from the finest selection of fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients sourced from our esteemed suppliers.

Guided by our commitment to quality and sustainability, we have established strong partnerships with a distinguished network of local suppliers. These suppliers share our passion for exceptional dining experiences.


Our goal is to through our artistry and dedication, create culinary masterpieces that honour the stunning Scottish lands from which our ingredients originate.

Our Road to a Greener Saltire

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...where we smash our green goals as we continue to work on all areas of our business on ways to make Saltire Hospitality a greener place for our environment.

This is the year...

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Our Green Update

  • We are currently working closely with Green Tourism and we are awaiting our award.

  • Nominated our new ‘Green Team’ for our organisation with a dedicated individual from each department so all areas will be aligned on our Green Aims.

  • We have introduced a brand new Cycle-to-work scheme for our colleagues.

  • We have just refreshed our current Lunch Deliveries menu where 60% of our menus are now completely vegetarian with 30% being plant-based.

  • Training and appointment of our first Mental Health First Aider.


Our Green Policy

We are a leading provider of sustainable catering services. We are committed to delivering exceptional dining experiences while minimising our environmental impact. Our team of passionate professionals is dedicated to creating delicious and innovative menus using locally sourced, organic ingredients. With a focus on sustainability, we strive to reduce waste, conserve energy, and support local communities. At Saltire Hospitality, we believe that great food can be both delicious and environmentally friendly.

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