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Panmure House

Panmure House is the final remaining home of Adam Smith, philosopher and ‘father of modern economics.’

Originally built in 1691, Smith occupied Panmure House between 1778 and 1790, during which time he completed the final editions of his master works: The Theory of Moral sentiments and The Wealth of Nations. Other great luminaries and thinkers of the Scottish Enlightenment visited Smith regularly at the House across this period.

In 2008, Edinburgh Business School & Heriot-Watt University undertook to rescue this historic building from dereliction. Following a 10-year, £5.6m renovation, Panmure House was formally opened in November 2018.

Today the House is a centre of excellence for the study of contemporary economics, a place of reflection on the legacy of Adam Smith, and a venue for social and economic debate. Many private events are enjoyed at Panmure House, catered by Saltire Hospitality.

Panmure House Exterior Dusk Shot_Enhanced.jpg
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