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The ‘I Dos’ and Don'ts of Planning your Wedding Catering

Updated: Feb 29

Navigating the realm of wedding catering can be a daunting task. With the numerous choices to consider, from dietary restrictions to fussy eaters, there’s a delicate balance to strike between culinary excellence and practicality.

But don’t worry! We are here to help and guide you through the myriad of decisions you’ll make in the lead up to your special day. We understand that food plays a significant role in your wedding, as the dishes you pick can leave a lasting impression on your guests' memories. To start your exciting journey, we want to share our knowledge of our dos and don’ts’ when planning your menu. We hope you say ‘I do’ to us too.

A tray of canapes at a wedding


I do… want to include seasonal and locally sourced ingredients!

We pride ourselves on using fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients in all our menus. This commitment to quality is a cornerstone of our philosophy and our clients say they can taste the difference. As a family run and owned business, we are aware of the impact hospitality has on the environment and we want to help.

Not only does this support our local suppliers but it ensures that the dishes put in front of you are the freshest and most flavourful. Just imagine… crisp autumn apples in a refreshing dessert or the sweet taste of organic tomatoes on a delicate bruschetta.

Based on the seasons, we offer a selection of different menu’s which can add an extra special touch. You can check out our 2024 menus on our website or speak to our team for some inspiration.


I don’t… want my guests to be restricted.

At Saltire Hospitality, we want everyone to feel like part of the family! From food allergies and intolerances to specific dietary choices, we are committed to providing a diverse array of menu options that cater to everyone. Gone are the days of fruit salad for desserts, and hello to an exciting world of new creations.

Our chefs take great care in crafting menus that exceed the expectations of our guests with dietary restrictions, with each menu approached with the same level of creativity, attention to detail and culinary expertise.

However, our commitment to inclusivity doesn’t stop here! We understand the importance of clear communication and transparency when it comes to dietary concerns! You can “eat-assured” knowing that our staff are trained to address any questions or concerns regarding ingredients, preparation methods or potential cross-contamination.


A table at a wedding with flowers, table decor, glasses and a menu

I do… want to try my Wedding dishes before the big day!

We cordially invite you to Saltire House! Once you have secured your booking with Saltire, we love to have our couples in to see our base and sample your delicious menu! Tastings are not just about trying the food – they are about fine tuning your perfect dishes.

We like to think of it as a gourmet trail run for your big day, from Starter to Dessert, you can make sure the dish is perfect for you.


I don’t… want to wait till the last minute to finalize my wedding menu!

With all the excitement of planning your dream day, it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of decisions! But trust us, you don’t want to leave your Wedding menu planning till the last moment. Why, you ask us? Well, imagine this;

You’re knee deep in wedding planning, dress fittings and guests RSVPS... but WAIT - Jemma on table 1 is a vegetarian, what’s he going to eat? Kelvin is bringing his toddler; he needs a kid’s meal!

From table seating and dietary allocation, we are here to help, by starting early, we can help you with all of this. By finalizing your menu and wedding schedule ahead of time, this allows you to relax and focus on the other aspects of wedding planning. You’ll have piece of mind knowing your culinary dishes are locked in and ready to wow your guests.


A main dish on a white table cloth, white flower table decor and a blue table runner

I do… want a great relationship with my Saltire Hospitality Wedding Planner!

When it comes to planning your big day, forging a great relationship with your Saltire Hospitality Wedding Planner is an absolute must. We want you to view us as your personal wedding guru, that’ll be by your side, guiding you through every step of the planning process with expertise, enthusiasm, and whole lot of heart.

We aren’t just here to help tick your boxes on your to-do list, we’re here to turn your wedding day into a reality. From the moment of our initial video call to waving goodbye to your guests on your big day. We are here to listen and understand your vision to make that magic happen. Should you need vendor recommendations and creative solutions to any wedding related conundrum that comes your way, we’ve got your back. We want you to look back in 20 years and remember the exciting journey of wedding planning alongside the fond wedding day memories.


So, as you embark on this exciting journey of wedding planning, remember that Saltire Hospitality are here to make your dream menu come true. Say ‘I do’ to us, and let’s create a wedding menu that is unforgettable.

Cheers to love, laughter and a very happy ever after.

An event manager holding a tray of prosecco and fresh orange juice and a bride drinking a glass of prosecco

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